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Here’s a quick introduction to the fine folks at WTM. With summer winding down it seemed appropriate to do a quick summer poll of everyone. This is it, this is us. This is where the magic happens. This is who is behind the magic.

George: Mastermind. Keeps great ideas flowing, keeps everyone happy. Recent new daddy.
Favorite Portland restaurant: Pok Pok
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: Grow vegetables and build things

Keeps great ideas flowing, and makes amazing design magic. Recently spotted dodging paparazzi after his amazing rendition of “Friends in low places”.
Favorite Portland restaurant: hard to say. Genie’s maybe?
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: dance like no one is watching. also, drink beerz.

James: Resident celebrity as drummer for the Caps band. Get their album! Makes sh*t happen. Also acquired a new home over the Summer.
Favorite Portland restaurant: Liberty Glass
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer:
Take long strolls to and from work thinking about the inner workings of the universe.

Chris: Latest and greatest. Well the latest anyway (as everyone here is great) but he’s the newest member of our team. Also throws amazing BBQs.
Favorite Portland restaurant: Pok Pok
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: Hanging out by a campfire

Dan: Latest and greatest. Well the latest anyway (in the literal sense). Incredibly talented designer and pretty quiet guy; unless it comes to soccer, particularly the Portland Timbers.
Favorite Portland restaurant: Pok Pok/Pambiche
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: Timbers matches! (In case the above wasn’t clear enough).

Jordan: Exploring his way through Portland on foot, he always treats us with amazing photos of his adventures every Monday morning.
Favorite Portland restaurant: Red Onion?
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: Sitting as still as possible on while achieving as much as possible.

Gorman: You want to talk about magic? Not only can this guy code like no one I’ve ever seen, he’s also a very talented singer/songwriter. Wait till you hear his rendition of “Happy Birthday”, and his #1 single, “Sheridan’s”, soon to be released.
Favorite Portland restaurant: Pok Pok/Lucky Strike
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: Riding bikes with his girlfriend along the river

Matt: Our wonderful Canadian neighbor to the North, soon to be joining us in house, and we couldn’t be happier. He doesn’t like answering questions like the below, so here’s his best shot:
Favorite Portland restaurant: Le Happy or Lucky Strike
Favorite thing to do in Portland in the summer: Oregon Brewers Festival

Kate: When not being outdoorsy, Kate spent the Summer beating the heat by lounging by her pool and working on her tan. At WTM she kept the cadence going as we fired out two big updates to two of our client projects; right on time as usual.
Favorite Restaurant: Oba
Favorite thing to do: Windsurfing!

Our client, WinForever, just recently finished their last event of 2011 (of five total) and we were asked to come along to help with their streaming endeavors. They spent the evening going over Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy and how to prepare yourself mentally to coach a team of athletes. It’s inspiring stuff; even for us Internet people!

Our initial goal was to simply live stream their Seattle coaches workshop on – we worked with UStream and the WinForever team to make it happen.

We the Media handled the creative – touts on and the creative for the UStream channel.  Within the tout, we embedded a UStream player and let them do their magic with their streaming services.  The video production was coordinated through a third party up in Seattle.

Technically, there wasn’t much to it, but live streaming events definitely require a lot of logistical finesse! There was coordination needed across three cities – Portland, LA and Seattle with a few different parties:  with the Win Forever team on details and design approvals; coordination with another third party about getting the UStream details in order; coordination with UStream to get all the correct pages in place; coordination with the Seattle Seahawks social media team; and coordination up in Seattle with the production guys as well as the WTM team in Portland once this went live, to make sure everything launched on time and worked the way it should.

I knowwwwww!

Can you believe, me, the doer of all things, went up to Seattle to make sure everything ran smoothly? I even got to meet the man himself – Pete Carroll!

The WinForever team was super happy with the results, as there were over 21,000 total views throughout the four-hour event.  Yogi Roth, was taking live questions from Twitter throughout the event, and one question came from someone in Boston who stayed up until 1 am EST to watch the entire workshop!

The recorded live broadcast will soon be posted to, so check back soon to check it out!

A technique that I really enjoy using for rounding the corners of block-level elements is border-radius. This technique is used throughout the We The Media website (as you may have noticed). Implementing border-radius isn’t too hard, though the code is a bit heavy as different browsers require specific CSS (i.e. -moz- for Firefox and -webkit- for Safari/Chrome). I don’t want to get into the actual code for this, but good examples can be found at The Art of Web and The W3C.

I find this little bit of code very handy for easily adding rounded corners. In the past, I used to add extra divs to make rounded cornered boxes extendible in the code. The major drawback is that it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer browsers (big surprise there), but I am willing to have it gracefully degrade.

Ok, so this doesn’t work in IE, but the good folks at HTMLremix have been working on a solution for this problem. They have developed the “Curved-Corner” project that just requires you to add an .htc file and link it in the CSS (as far as I can tell), but I have not been having much luck (though I haven’t tried very hard yet). The .htc file is available at Google Code. If you have gotten this to work, feel free to drop a comment and share your knowledge. For now, I am not too worried about this working on IE (at least for this site).

According to, Microsoft does say that they will be supporting CSS3 in their upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser. Let’s all hope, but for now we have plenty of other good browsers to use that support this cool attribute.